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Elevate the Mission

with LifeLens® Technologies

Discover the Future of Physiological Monitoring

The LifeLens physiological monitoring platform sets a new Operational, Tactical, and Medical Monitoring standard. Our foundation is a unique wearable device platform capable of continuously tracking an extensive set of parameters, metrics, and context with unmatched comfort, durability, and connectivity.

Such comprehensive monitoring enables a broad range of applications, from operational readiness assessment to tactical execution, injury mitigation, casualty detection, triage, and field care support. All with both real-time and retrospective visualization to meet the different information needs across the organizational hierarchy. This convergence of cutting-edge biosensors and data analytics represents a transformative shift towards a more responsive and resilient military force.

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LifeLens has an extensive breadth of physiological and contextual metrics that are combined in proprietary ways to deliver valuable information that can impact operational, tactical, and medical decision-making. The examples above are representative of our real-time and retrospective reporting tools captured during a range of training activities but only display a small subset of our capabilities.

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