This is a full-time, on-site position


A Technical Customer Support Representative is responsible for assisting customers with technical issues or questions relating to LifeLens’ products. The duties include taking and recording phone calls from customers or communicating with customers through messaging platforms; helping customers diagnose technical issues over the phone and speaking with them the implementation of potential work arounds.


Technical Customer Support Representative is a crucial role in the company. The Technical Customer Support Representative duties and responsibilities may revolve around maximizing the capabilities of LifeLens’ devices and:

  • Handling customer technical support cases through phone and electronical platform submissions.

  • Recording all communications with customers.

  • Updating customer facing documentation with technical tips or explanatory documents

  • Ensuring all information regarding any customer issues is gathered and appropriately archived so any issues may be investigated and corrected.

  • Maintain client confidence by keeping their information confidential.

  • Complying with HIPPA while handling and gathering information regarding an issue.

  • Preparing reference material for users by drafting instructions.

  • Working with software and hardware engineers while tracking down and resolving customer reported issues.

  • Advocating for the customer when new products and projects are being planned within LifeLens.

  • Working with Quality Assurance to ensure any quality issues are tracked and reported to the appropriate government and regulatory agencies.

  • Keeping current with LifeLens’ new products and updates

  • Complying with all regulations regarding medical devices

  • Following all company procedures

Skills and Qualifications:

Successful Technical Customer Support Representatives will have various skills and qualifications to help them in fulfilling their role. Technical Customer Support Representatives are required to possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Knowledge of wireless communication troubleshooting

  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills

  • Load balancing

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to work with computer systems

  • Ability to identify software and hardware defects

  • Ability to work in a cross functional team

  • Ability to communicate effectively with technical staff and non-technical customers

Covid19 Precautions:

LifeLens will conduct interviews within the safety guidelines outlined by Governor Wolf and the PA Department of Health. All new hires will be required to show proof of vaccination for Covid19 on their first day of employment. Medical and religious accommodations will be recognized.